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Nate Rocket Wonder

Co-founder of the Wondaland Arts Society, three-time Grammy nominee, writer, performer, computer programmer and visual artist. Nate is one of the core musical architects behind Janelle Monáe's Afro-futuristic Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase); The ArchAndroid and The Electric Lady. His background includes an internship at NASA (where he worked on a Mars rover), production stints at Stankonia, where he produced songs for Big Boi and Outkast, and an earnest proficiency in rich media and website design, which led him to become the Chief Technology Officer at Wondaland, as well as an ardent appreciator of "code" which he calls, "the true language of the future."
Thu 4.24
Diana Wortham Theatre
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM