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Gavin Russom

Musician, visual artist, DJ, producer of electronic music. From an early age, Russom became interested in experimenting with sound, image, movement and investigating the territory where the boundaries between them blur. He has exhibited visual artwork all over the world including MOMA PS1, The Migros Museum and Galleria Fonti and has also created many of the visual elements that accompany his musical work. He has produced numerous releases on DFA label including "The Days of Mars" (in collaboration with artist Delia Gonzalez), "Black Meteoric Star" and "Night Sky." Many of the electronic instruments used on these recordings were designed and built by Russom as a way of deepening his creative process. This practice, as well as his prowess at programming analog synthesizers, led him to become the in-house electronics expert at DFA's studio from 2001-2004, and to tour with LCD Soundsystem on their farewell tour. Russom's most recent releases have been a product of The Crystal Ark, an electronic band he began in 2009 with filmmaker Viva Ruiz.
Fri 4.25
Center for Craft, Creativity & Design
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM