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Eric McDougall

Curiosity and passion for music, technology, and design permeate Eric McDougall’s life. Eric’s grandfather Del was a big band leader and drummer who gave him his first snare drum, a pre-CBS Rogers 5 x 14 at the age of 9. Eric has always played music and designed things. After graduating from design school at UC Berkeley, Eric worked in the music industry designing and creating tours for bands, including Earth Wind & Fire, the Scorpions, Ozzy Osborne, and the Eurythmics. Eric started a company, McDougall, that produced multimedia projects, marketing campaigns, and installations for nearly every tech giant, including Macworld keynotes for Apple, homes of the future for Cisco, supercomputer launches for Cray and SGI, and the worldwide launches of Windows XP for Microsoft and Java for Sun. Eric served a stint as Minister of Cool at social game maker Zynga where he led the creation of Zynga’s headquarters, oversaw the company’s global brand, drove the IPO campaign, and helped Farmville’s “Gagaville” gain 1.3 billion impressions. Eric now heads Black Ink, a small company that helps CEO’s and entrepreneurs achieve big things, and is currently leading a project to transform Yahoo’s campuses and workspaces worldwide. Eric co-founded Disorient, a Burning Man camp and is an avid surfer who chases waves all around the world with his tribe. Eric’s signature is on a CD-ROM mounted on the Cassini spacecraft that is currently orbiting Saturn. Eric owns a MIDI-modified Minimoog model D, with serial #11006.
Sat 4.26
Diana Wortham Theatre
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM