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Cyril Lance

Cyril Lance met Bob Moog in January 2005 during an informal visit to Moog. When Bob got sick in April, Bob asked Cyril to come up and take over the engineering efforts while he underwent his treatment. Since then Cyril has been at the helm of engineering, product development and, along with the dedicated and passionate team that Bob left behind, has shepherded the growth of Moog Music into it’s current vibrant community.

Cyril coincidentally studied Engineering Physics at Cornell, the same department that Bob was studying at when he was developing the first modular systems up in Trumansburg, NY. Cyril worked in the research field of atmospheric physics for 20 years as well as pursuing an active career as a professional musician until the unexpected opportunity came to help Bob out. While perhaps an unlikely background for the task at hand, Bob intuited that it would be a good fit. Cyril has been working hard ever since to be true to Bob’s legacy and values both as an engineer and as a person.

Sat 4.26
Masonic Temple - Upstairs
5:00pm - 6:30pm