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The Modular Marketplace Presented By Sweetwater

Free & Open To The Public

Masonic Temple
11:00am - 8:00pm
Wednesday - Sunday

Moogfest's free Modular Marketplace is electronic pop-up shop showcasing the latest and greatest from a lineup of innovative instrument makers, curated by Austin, TX electronics shop Switched On.  

Boutique electronics, experimental effects and modern modular synthesizers will create an interactive exhibition in which the public can engage with new musical devices and their designers.

The Modular Marketplace will host daily demonstrations, workshops and sound experiments from the engineers that are shaping the sounds of tomorrow, as well as a free week-long clinic on electronic music production.

Pioneers of Electronic Musical Instruments

Thur. 4.24

David Borden [2:00pm] 

Tom Oberheim [3:30pm]  

Fri. 4.25

Roger Linn: LinnStrument and the new revolution in multidimensional music controllers [2:00pm]

Dave Smith [3:30pm]

Sat. 4.26

Don Buchla [2:00pm]

Dave Smith + Roger Linn: Roger Linn, Dave Smith and the Tempest Analog Drum Machine [3:30pm]

Sun. 4.27

Geert Bevin [1:00pm]

Daily Electronic Production Workshops

Dubspot [Wed-Sun]

Ableton [Thur - Sat]


Bleep Labs [Sun]

Burnkit2600 [Wed]


Bleep Labs

Brand New Noise




Flight of Harmony

Future Retro


Livid Instruments


LZX Industries

Make Noise

Malekko Heavy Ind.

Native Instruments

Pittsburgh Modular

STG Soundlabs

Super Synthesis

Teenage Engineering