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Catapulted to notoriety, fame, and serious hip-hop credibility with 2002's Dead Ringer LP, Philadelphia based DJ and multi-instrumentalist RJD2 has enjoyed a thoroughly prolific career, following that debut album with 2004's critically acclaimed Since We Last Spoke.

RJD2 seemingly abandons all the notions and titles that have been placed upon him. Underground hip-hop super-producer to some, virtuoso sample-based instrumental wizard to others, RJD2 embodies all of these things on the "The Third Hand" but placates none who seek more of the same.

Rjd2 continues to send listeners on a musical foray into instrumentalism, feasting on styles both old and new, and in the process creating a sound that’s emerging as one of the most interesting and exciting new voices in instrumental music. In a genre filled with ambient spacemen and droning techno fromage, Rjd2 brings a sense of song structure and vitality that was sorely missing.

Sat 4.26
The Orange Peel
12:30 AM - 1:45 AM