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Riff Raff

He has photo shoots with Terry Richardson. He is close friends with Justin Bieber (who gifted Riff with a chain) and Drake. SPIN magazine has labeled his debut album NEON iCON as the most anticipated album of the year. RiFF RAFF shines bright, indeed. The rapper’s seemingly incessant musical and visual output and wild material have made him one of music’s most in-demand collaborators. It has also landed him a recording contract with Diplo’s Mad Decent label, which is slated to release RiFF RAFF’s NEON iCON album. RiFF RAFF combined his wide range of tastes and his expansive talents into what would become one of rap’s most notable careers. He started rapping in the mid-2000s and, before many other artists of his generation, understood the significance and power of the internet. RiFF RAFF dropped dozens of viral videos and became an independent sensation thanks to eye-popping clips for “Jose Canseco” and “Marc Jacobs.”
Fri 4.25
USCC Basement
12:00 AM - 1:00 AM