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Nick Monaco

Nick Monaco began his career as a DJ/Producer at the ripe age of 13, scratching his dad’s prized Queen records. He quickly became a connoisseur of hip-hop culture, studying the old school dogmatically. As a high schooler Monaco was obsessed with turntablism and spent most rocking renegade house parties. The desire to make people dance trumped his desire to awe them with technical scratches.

Nick Monaco hails from northern California’s Bay Area, the cradle of 808-heavy house and home to San Francisco’s Dirtybird records, where, in 2010, Dirtybird resident Worthy found Nick Monaco (who barely broke twenty years old) and eagerly released his first EP ‘Sideshow Tango’ on the highly regarded label, Anabatic Records. The EP is a homage to the local hyphy and house cultures.

Wed 4.23
USCC Basement
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM