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Mix Master Mike

One of the premier scratch artists of the day, Mixmaster Mike got his initial itch for vinyl while growing up in San Francisco listening to his uncle's extensive record collection. As a kid, Mike was constantly welcomed when coming home from school with the sounds of his uncle s extensive collection. Years later, the moment that had the most impact on him was catching Grandmixer DST on stage with Herbie Hancock.

In 1994, after winning three consecutive world titles and consistently coming out on top, Mike and Q-Bert were asked to step down from further competition as their domination was too much for the rest of the pack. The two performed an amazing farewell  set and were honored to become DMC judges.

It was a chance meeting at the Rock Steady Anniversary Jam in NYC in 1994 with Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys that would propel Mike to the next level. The two exchanged numbers and Mike often left crazy scratch messages on Adam s answering service. Fellow Beasties Mario C and Mike D caught on to his scratch message craze and in 1997 requested Mike s studio work for their multi-platinum album Hello Nasty. Soon after completion of Hello Nasty s recording, the Beastie Boys offered Mike to become their resident DJ.

In the summer of 1999, the International Turntablist Federation honored Mike with a lifetime achievement award for the advancement of the turntable as a musical instrument.

Mike’s latest effort, Bangzilla, is nothing short of the titles reference. It’s Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Mike vs.. Mecha Mike. Action packed, kick drums to the chest, hard bass for the booty, and all that scratchin is bound to put a hurtin on them. The battle is on.

Fri 4.25
Broadway Outdoor Stage
7:oo PM - 8:30 PM