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Keith Kemp

A Detroit native, Keith’s exposure to electronic music via Industrial pioneers Skinny Puppy and Brian Eno sparked an early infatuation with synthesizers and audio software. Club life after high school inspired Keith’s interest in spinning records, connecting the dots to Detroit artists such as Plastikman, Underground Resistance and Carl Craig.

With a growing record collection, Keith set out to make his mark in the heyday of Detroit’s mid­90’s rave scene, cutting his teeth in the Midwest with travels across the country to Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Memphis, Milwaukee, Omaha, Chicago and of course Ohio and Windsor. These years saw Keith develop into a highly regarded technical performer, combining his love of house, Industrial and German minimalism with Detroit techno, highlighted with performances at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2002 and 2005, and now 2014.

Keith continues to push his deep house and techno inspired compositions with digital and vinyl releases on Beretta Grey, Noncom, Cryovac, Detroit Underground and many other labels from Detroit and around the world.
Fri 4.25
New Earth - Main Room
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM