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The Jellyrox

The Jellyrox is a one man synthesizer pop act fronted by producer, performer and songwriter Matt Langston. Branded by tastefully crafted melodies and swirling synthetic landscapes, The Jellyrox effortlessly blends colorful new wave influences with modern pop sensibilities. The 2012 release of their album Heta Himlen marked the first full length debut album for the act. Having been recorded almost entirely with analog synthesizers, the album is dripping with unabashed pop presence and pleasantly palatable songwriting. Doubling as singer-songwriter for the band Eleventyseven (Sony International), Langston is just at home on stage as he is in the studio. With 8 years of touring and 6 releases under his belt, he channels a tight frenzy of electronic adventure into every track he crafts. Langston writes: "The Jellyrox was born out of a desire to express hope, joy and everyday life through the medium of synthesizers. I'm a passionate about these instruments and about songwriting, so in a way I think we are the perfect match for one another. I can't help but want to share what we create with people."
Thu 4.24
New Earth - Side Room
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM