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Eric Volta

There aren’t many artists out there make their debut on some of the bigger labels by climbing out of the demo pile but that is exactly what Eric Volta did when he made his debut on such as Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird Records. The summer of 2012 saw Eric Volta teaming up with long time friend D.Ablo of Uk Hip-hop underground fame – Terrafirma. Together in the studio the two wrote what is a modern day house classic. Recapturing the organ house bass sound of the 90’s but flavored with fresh take on the UK Garage sound. The record was quickly signed to Maceo Plex’s ELLUM AUDIO and gained much support from Dj’s all over. Eric Volta has kept a rather low profile in the London underground electronic music scene over the last few years making most of his Dj appearance’s un-announced or hidden on line-ups relying on strength of his productions to speak for themselves rather than the nature of self-promotion.
Thu 4.24
Asheville Music Hall
9:30 PM - 11:00 PM