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Suitably diagnosed as “the mad scientist of drum arrangements”, DLX blends together experimental drum funk with elements of jungle, breakbeat, and early dubstep – all polished by an intrinsic editing style in and of its own. In 2007, he made his debut as opener for Kode 9 at one of Pure Filth’s earliest shows, taking place during the freshest days of the West Coast sub-bass movement. Revealing a swift, brain-rattling style that complimented (but far stood out from) the deep and dark UK dubstep arousing the States at the time, DLX captured an instant West Coast following and landed a spot as a founding SMOG artist. That same year, he was signed to Steps in Time (one of LA’s first dubstep label), and had three tracks featured on Standard Films: Catch the Vapors.
Sat 4.26
New Earth - Side Room
12:30AM - 2:00 AM