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Clark - Phosper Live

Followers of this groundbreaking UK artist, and those of you with a healthy dose of curiosity when it comes to new directions in dance music ought to feel very lucky to be able to experience the Clark live set performance.

Across six albums and seven EPs for the legendary Warp Records, and with his innumerable remixes, Clark has emphasized versatility above all, forging a sound that has incorporated innumerable strands of party-starting techno, abrasive electronics, somber piano tunes, and haphazard electro without ever obscuring the emotional truth at the core of all his productions. Clark's music affirms an utterly human presence within a cold electronic world, and his recent 4 x LP remix compilation Feast / Beast is a snapshot of one of electronic music's renowned talents at his most playful and diverse.

His performances have evolved recently adding visual complexity with the help of visual artist Adoxo and a creating a more focused sonic narrative from his coterie of beloved analog gear. Encompassing swirls of psychedelia, fire-and-brimstone techno, and all manner of explosive experimentation, Clark's live sets are crowd-pleasing affairs that have brought him around the world, from Japan to the belly of the Berghain in his current base of Berlin.

Fri 4.25
Diana Wortham Lobby
10:45 PM - 11:45 PM