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Body Games

Formed almost a year ago, Body Games is still somewhat of an enigma. The only semblance of a bio to be found on the outfit’s Facebook page reads, “i am tired of acoustic guitar.” This sentiment is certainly reflected in the small number of electro-driven demos that the group out of Carrboro, NC has made available, and has been absolutely proven via their handful of acclaimed live performances. Strobing lights and surreal projections create a dreamy landscape where the band brandishes their distinct brand of dark, magnetic electro-pop. Although you can count the number of times they’ve appeared in public on two hands, Body Games has already performed for multiple at-capacity crowds, including their highly praised set during last year’s Hopscotch Music Festival. Beginning as the musical ideas of Dax Beaton, Body Games has since enlisted other Carrboro music veterans Kate Thompson and Derek Torres, as well as video artist Adam Graetz. They are currently finishing up their debut EP while they continue to expand the depths of their live show.
Sat 4.26
Emerald Lounge
8:15 PM - 9:00 PM