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WIRING SILICON MOUNTAIN: Technology & Innovation As A Tool For Economic Development

Technological innovation powers every thriving industry today, and a new generation is looking to Asheville as a hub for ingenuity and invention. At Moogfest we honor the spirit of inventor and physicist Robert Moog by gathering creative professionals, entrepreneurs and artists to participate in a conversation about new technologies. On this panel we will explore how North Carolina and the region can best nurture this environment, and attract and retain cutting-edge tech talent.

Prof. Mike Walden, North Carolina State University (Moderator)

Esther Manheimer, Mayor of Asheville

Casey Steinbacher, President & CEO, Durham Chamber of Commerce.

Rudy Wright, Mayor of Hickory, NC

Bob Geolas, CEO Research Triangle Foundation

Mike Adams, CEO Moog Music Inc.

Wed 4.23
Diana Wortham Theatre
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM