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The Future Of Instruments


Electronic instrument design is now tradition and science fiction all at once. There are established creations that span a generation, yet analog and digital sound remains a blank canvas of possibility. Three figures from today's musical instrument scene converge to talk about this dance between past and future, how they approach musical instruments, how new technologies create new tools, as well as the larger trends in the scene.

Cyril Lance is Chief Engineer at Moog Music, wizard behind everything from synths to effects to reimagined guitars. Jesper Kouthoofd is CEO of Teenage Engineering, the Swedish firm that birthed the sleek OP-1 synth along with accessories that have included both desk lamps and special sensor-enabled running shoes. Peter Kirn has watched futuristic trends for CDM ( for nearly a decade, and is co-designer of the open source MeeBlip synth.

Sat 4.26
Masonic Temple - Upstairs
5:00pm - 6:30pm